Groovin' On | September 14-17

A Northwest Jam-Festival on the gorgeous Gallatin River just a few miles south of Big Sky, MT.

2016 Event Cancellation Letter

Dear Groovin’ On The Gallatin Family,

After many hours of careful consideration, we have decided that it is in the best interest of the Groovin’ on the Gallatin Festival to take a year off. Now that this painful bandaid has been ripped off, let us explain why this was such a difficult but necessary decision to make, and how we plan to spend our year working towards an even more amazing festival experience in 2017.

Groovin’ was born out of a passion to celebrate the natural beauty and magic of southwest Montana, while also celebrating the talented and inspiring artists from our own backyard. In the festival’s infancy, the Cinnamon Lodge grounds was the perfect spot. Being able to camp with friends right along the beautiful Gallatin River and celebrate music and art is a spectacular experience. But after five years of holding the festival on the Cinnamon Lodge grounds, it is time to find an alternative location that will allow the festival to flourish and grow into the festival we know it can and should be.

It is no secret that Groovin’ has been a financial struggle in years past. While our support from fans and musicians grows stronger each year, we still find ourselves at a peculiar crossroads every August in which we are thrilled with the festival experience, yet still wonder what we could have done to make it more financially viable. This model could only go on for so long before a change like this became inevitable.

We have always wanted to be able to grow this festival and allow more people to share in the magic that Groovin’ embodies, so over the past few months, we have spent countless hours searching for an alternative location along the Gallatin River. At most every turn, our efforts proved fruitless. However, through our search, we have found other options for next year’s festival, but instead of making a hasty move this summer, we have decided that it makes more sense to look ahead to 2017 and focus our time and efforts on making the transition to a new location well worth it for everyone involved.

While we may not be able to host the future festival along the Gallatin River, we all know this experience is about much more than just the river. It’s about coming together and appreciating the beauty of this Earth no matter where we are. It’s about love, creation, conservation and celebration. So while we are sad that we won’t see you on the river this August, we are as excited as ever to continue Groovin’ in 2017.

Moving the festival will likely come as an initial disappointment to many of our fans, which truly pains us. However, please have faith that we are doing this with all of you beautiful people in mind. We are making this change for the better so that we can act on a long-term, sustainable vision that will help preserve the festival and all it represents for years to come.

During this hiatus, we need your passion and continued support to keep this thing alive. We encourage you to support all of the amazing Montana festivals this summer that need you too. Between Neon City, Pirate party, Silver Cloud Campout, Moods of the Madison, The Original Fest, SHINE Fest, Harvest Fest, and all the other touring and resident musicians, there will be lots of opportunities to share the love and show your support for locally-grown shows and festivals. Let’s show them we care. Let’s show them we are stoked to be an integral part of this flourishing musical community in Montana.

Although we don’t have many details for next year lined up yet, we can tell you that plenty of exciting opportunities are on the horizon at this very moment. While we may not spend this August together Groovin’ on the Gallatin, we are confident that the bonds we have nurtured over the last five years are more than strong enough to weather a year apart. Never forget that you are the foundation of this festival, we love you, and we wouldn’t dream of running headlong into a glorious musical future without you. Keep in touch, have fun, be safe, and we’ll see you again in 2017.

All the Love,

Team Groovin’